Thursday, February 4, 2010


In a recent study conducted by Malayala Manorama Team (a highly circulated malayalam daily in Kerala) found that almost all keralite have an intake of several grams poison in a day. Actually they are not direct poisons, but pesticides. For getting more crops, more profits some greedy people doing this to the innocent people and the government authorities supporting them by taking huge amount as bribe.

What a shame.

They conducted study in packaged and non packaged milk. The result was horrible. In kerala Milma is the main producer of packaged milk having 70-80% share in the market supply. Other sources of milk is coming from nearest state Tamilnadu. That is the main problem. They are mixing anything to everything in milk for more quantity. The water using for that comes from drainage. Some pesticides mixing it with for keeping milk for more time. As found that the pesticides using it causes cancer and other ailments.

Secondly, in vegetables. Kerala is depending on Tamilnadu for vegitables. As all and every person in kerala is not interested in cultivation, but interested only in filling up the agricultural land making houses, villas, flats etc.

The vegitables from Tamilnadu with all these cancerous poisons causes several illness.As they want more profits on their crops, so they used to use pesticides, poisons from the early stage of a crop. For bitter guard they are using poisons on it 10-12 times in a year.

In red meat , chicken, ice creams even in beverages all are mixed with pesticides and poisons.

It is a marvellous time for government employees at checkposts, sales taxes, excise and police to collect bribe and fill their pot..

BRAVO.. KERALA... the most corrupted state in India.

Read more about food poison

Saturday, January 9, 2010




Milk (Cow) 90ml 50
Milk(Buffallo) 45ml 50
Cheese 15gms 50
Butter 1 Tbsp 50
Ghee 1 Tbsp 50

Apple 1 Small 50-60
Banana ½ medium 50-60
Grapes 20 Small 50-60
Mango 1 Small 50-60
Musambi 1 Medium 50-60
Orange 1 Small 50-60

Cooked Cereal ½ Cup 80
Cooked Rice 25gms 80
Chapatti 1 Medium 80

Potato 1 Medium 80
Dals(Grams) 1 Large Katori 80
Mixed Vegetables150 gms 80

Mutton 1 oz 75
Fish 50 gms 55
Egg (Hen) 2 pieces 100

Sweet Biscuit 15 gms 70
Plain Cake 50 gms 135
Rich Chclt Cake 50 gms 225
Plain Dosa 1 Medium 120
Masala Dosa 1 Medium 250
Pakoras 50 gms 175
Puri 1 Large 85
Samosa 1 Piece 140
Vada ( Urad) 1 Small 70

Mutton Biryani 1 Cup 225
Veg. Biryani 1 Cup 200
Chicken Curry 100 gms 225
Veg.Curry 100 gms 130
Fried Rice 85 gms 140
Veg. Pulavu 100 gms 130

Carrot Halwa 50 gms 300
Jalebi 20 gms 100
Kheer 100 gms 140
Rasgulla 150 gms 140

Beer 12 Fl. Oz 150
Cola 200 ml 90
Wine 3.5 Fl. Oz 85

Monday, January 4, 2010


A question of matter.
1. I will save little electricity on daily basis.
2. I will save little water on daily basis.
3. I will help the needful, each day.
4. I will save little money everyday for others.
5. I will save money, as much as I can for my future.
6. I will definitely cut down my personal expenses.
7. I will give up smoking.
8. I will give up liquor.
9. I will not ride my vehicle above 60 kms/ph
10.I will not do anything wrong to others.

There are somany things like this, we can pledge and do.

What about you dear?

Monday, December 28, 2009


What is migraine?

It is a severe painful headache, preceded by warning signs like flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, vomiting etc. It can last for hours or even days.

It is a result from a combination of blood vessel enlargement.

In a study shows that 30 million Americans suffer from migraine. Females are much more likely to get it.

It causes mainly from bright lights, loud noises, odors, perfumes, allergies and reactions, stress, irregular sleep, smoking, alcohol, skipping meals etc. etc.

The symptoms

Usually feel moderate to severe pain in one side of the head.
Throbbing and pulsing head pain
During physical activity it will increase.
Nausea and Vomiting
Sensitivity will be increased to light and sound.

How can migraine treated with ayurveda

Shirodhara is used for it. Processed herbal oil, medicated butter, milk etc.will be poured on the forehead for about 50-60 minutes. Sandalwood and gooseberry is commonly used for it. It is highly effective for relief in temporary and permanent


The cheapest way to cope is to ignore hairloss.
Just don’t care. If you have hair on your head or not, the life will go on. There are so many respected people with bald / semi bald head in front of you. But we respect them because of who they are, not because of their looking’s.

Then also you have a problem; treat it.
As you know (or you don’t know) Minoxidil is the only medicine proven to work for male pattern baldness. It could be applied directly to the scalp once or twice a day. It can be purchased from anywhere in world and it is low cost.

Do something by yourself.
Find out as much as you can about hairloss and treatment from a doctor. And try yourself to do with minoxidil and finasteride. There are somany products in the world market which is proven to be the best for hair loss. Don’t go for that, only you can loss your time and money.
Take a look at your diet.
Not take too many foods which are high in saturated fat. Take rich natural vegetables and fruits. If you want to keep your hair healthy, don’t take so much delicious foods.

It wasn’t lost all at once
You know, so far you have lost hair wasn’t lost all at once, and it wont grow back faster. Be positive. The younger will get excellent results, if stick on your daily medicine with discipline. You must have to take minoxidil for more than four months to see some results.
Stick on
You have no other choice, other than these medicines right now, until science improves another treatment for hair loss. Your positive attitude will pay more for it.


It is a question for several. For domestic purpose we used to use stools, chairs, coats etc to climb some height to change bulbs, clean fan, cleaning walls etc.

But it is not the way... Now we got light weight aluminium ladders for that. Anybody can purchase a light weight aluminium ladder from anywhere.

It is safe, durable, light weight, strong and not so costly. One can afford a 6ft ladder for home. If we use it properly (not rough use) it will last for morethan 15 years.

Almost all ladders having anti skid rubber shoes for any type of surfaces. it is available in various models with punching and rivetting. Almost all ladder can load upto 100 kgs.

Furthermore aluminium is reusable, so we can sell the scrap also.

How is it?