Thursday, February 4, 2010


In a recent study conducted by Malayala Manorama Team (a highly circulated malayalam daily in Kerala) found that almost all keralite have an intake of several grams poison in a day. Actually they are not direct poisons, but pesticides. For getting more crops, more profits some greedy people doing this to the innocent people and the government authorities supporting them by taking huge amount as bribe.

What a shame.

They conducted study in packaged and non packaged milk. The result was horrible. In kerala Milma is the main producer of packaged milk having 70-80% share in the market supply. Other sources of milk is coming from nearest state Tamilnadu. That is the main problem. They are mixing anything to everything in milk for more quantity. The water using for that comes from drainage. Some pesticides mixing it with for keeping milk for more time. As found that the pesticides using it causes cancer and other ailments.

Secondly, in vegetables. Kerala is depending on Tamilnadu for vegitables. As all and every person in kerala is not interested in cultivation, but interested only in filling up the agricultural land making houses, villas, flats etc.

The vegitables from Tamilnadu with all these cancerous poisons causes several illness.As they want more profits on their crops, so they used to use pesticides, poisons from the early stage of a crop. For bitter guard they are using poisons on it 10-12 times in a year.

In red meat , chicken, ice creams even in beverages all are mixed with pesticides and poisons.

It is a marvellous time for government employees at checkposts, sales taxes, excise and police to collect bribe and fill their pot..

BRAVO.. KERALA... the most corrupted state in India.

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